Culture, history, traditions: in search of common values

Culture, history, traditions: in search of common values


• Foundation alter eko:


Purpose of the project:

Development of electronic publication developed by the young Polish-Ukrainian of combining tradition, history and
the culture of both countries in the period from 12.09.2016- 18.11.2016.

Delivery time:

12.09.2016 -18.11.2016


Against the background of cultural knowledge of the participants will pursue the process of non-formal education. The project involves the development of electronic publication of the Polish-Ukrainian border in the form of interactive games developed essentially by the youth of the two countries of combining history, tradition and culture of Polish and Ukrainian. Through the use of various methods of work tj.gry, fun, integration workshops, animations language, simulation games, young people discover their common history, roots, learn how to build a good relationship with you, which will become the basis for creating electronic publication. Preparing materials for electronic publication will activate youth and will plan activities aimed at generating interesting initiatives for the environment. Working and playing at the same time in international teams stimulate their ingenuity and creativity, which will result in electronic publication concerning common roots, history and building a modern relationship. The project activities will be activated, youth areas and disadvantaged economically and socially.

Ready game is under the link: Gra polsko-ukraińska

„The project financed by the Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange”



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