Can 200,000 People Change the World? The Great Success of the ‘Equal in Diversity’ Campaign

Two hundred thousand people interested in diversity at school, more than ten projects completed as part of the campaign for parents, students, teachers and specialists working at schools and the enrolment of fifteen partners gives us, the organisers of the campaign, a feeling of a joint job well done.


The goal of the ‘Equal in Diversity’ campaign has always been to build amiable relationships at school between children with and without special educational needs, teachers and parents. Why? Because while each of us is different, no-one is ever worse. Just different, as the campaign motto says.

When the campaign started, the event schedule quickly began to expand with ideas from our partners and persons interested and engaged in the campaign. The final list of events during the ‘Equal in Diversity’ 2016 campaign was as follows:

  • 05/09 The ‘First Parent-Teacher Conference’ initiative.We provided parents with useful information about the rights of children with special educational needs and helped them prepare for the first parent-teacher conference in this school year. - more
  • 06/09 The campaign’s website was launched. It contained a video with our mission statement, featuring theatre and TV actress from Krakow Marta Bizoń. More info at - more
  • after 06/09 Media reports started appearing about the campaign in the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, in Radio Krakow, on the websites Interia and Wiadomoś and on our partners' websites.
  • 13/09 We began collecting stories and subjects for a children’s guidebook called ‘High Five a Friend Without a Hand’- more
  • 16/09 We published the‘Why Are We All Different?’ lesson plan as part of the free lesson plan service provided by the Children’s University Foundation.
  • 13/10 Workshops for teachers working with children with special educational needs began, entitled ‘Method and Means of Working with Children with Special Educational Needs’. The workshops were held in collaboration with the Kangur Private In-Service Teacher Training Centre in Krakow between October and November. - read the report fromthe workshops
  • 15/10 The DrOmnibus magazine for teachers was launched. The quarterly offers lesson plans and advice for teachers working with children with behavioural and developmental disorders. -see how to subscribe to the magazine
  • 28/10 In collaboration with the Association of Communes and Districts in Lesser Poland, we held a seminar for the local education authorities in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship about teaching children with special educational needs.- see the Facebook entry
  • Oct–Nov During October and November, the employees of the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic in Żnin (near Bydgoszcz), led by Karina Mróz-Owczarzak, have carried out the ‘Why Are We All Different’ lesson plan in 14 schools, for a total of 47 classes and 780 students. Congratulations! read the report
  • 22/11 At the Inclusive School Complex No. 7 in Krakow, 21 teachers carried out our lesson plan in one day as part of the tolerance week. Over 400 students learned about diversity at the same time. - zobacz zdjęcia na Facebook'u
  • 25/11 The finishing touch of the campaign was a conference for primary school teachers who work with children with special educational needs, held in Gdańsk. - view the report and pgotos
  • 30.11 We shared the ‘High Five’ guidebook for children with our partners and on our social media.-Feel free to download the guidebook and share it with others!

Here’s the campaign in numbers: liczby-eng

All the events in the campaign were a challenge that we took on enthusiastically and with support from partners and users, who all rooted for us. The campaign resulted in valuable projects that aid the education and therapy of children with behavioural, developmental and physical disorders on a daily basis. What’s more, we’ve built friendly relationships with the educational environment and our partners, as well as personal relationships with the children, parents and teachers engaged in the campaign.

Richer in experience and knowledge, we’re already planning a new edition of the campaign.

Stay with us!

We’re looking for new partners and new ideas for the ‘Equal in Diversity’ 2017 social campaign.

Become our partner:

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