Equip your science lab with Eduexpert!

Eduexpert products are dedicated not only to preschool education and the first 3 years of elementary education! We are going to the next level! This time we would like introduce Science-Lab - a new multimedia program dedicated to grades 7 and 8 of elementary school. If your science labs do not have enough models or educational charts, then this product is for you! Science-Lab includes many educational charts dedicated to our 6 senses. Every sense is described in detail, and what is most important – in accordance with the assumptions of the current core curriculum. Additionally, you will find many movies and animations, from which your pupils will learn how certain senses function, and what disorders and diseases can affect them.

Additional educational materials are attached to the program: observation and experiment sheets, tests and worksheets. All of the materials are also available in an editable form so that the teacher can use them in many different ways.

The first part – VISION is premiering soon! We invite you to take a look at our new products!

Best regards – Eduexpert team


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