Maths in use – first steps – maths and English for the youngest within your reach!

Do you work in a preschool in Poland or abroad? Do you want to introduce your 5-6 year olds to the basics of mathematical education or the English language successfully and in an interesting way? Or maybe you are looking for inspiration? The publishing house Eduexpert has risen to the challenge and has created Maths in use – first steps! With this product, children will not only familiarize themselves with basic mathematical topics, but will also learn English vocabulary. Movies, interactions, exercises – all of these resources found in the program are available in 2 languages, which gives the teacher more possibilities or working with the product, and makes learning fun for the children! The teacher can click the “change language” button on the interactive board, touch screen, or laptop at any time, and easily switch to an English lesson class, during which children will learn and practice English vocabulary.

Do you want to find out more? Check the product demo!

Best regards – Eduexpert team


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