Let’s PLAY! Project Game Based Learning – (un) ordinary education

Project title:

Let’s PLAY! Project Game Based Learning – (un) ordinary education

The main goal of the project is to develop 3 innovative games for children and teenagers with elements of gamification and game-based-learning. Educational games will be made available free of charge to all interested schools for self-printing from a public website.

Grant application number: EOG/19/K4/W/0043W0080
Implementation period: 01.08.2020-01.06.2022 r.
Amount of funding: 127823 EURO
Source of financing: the project is implemented under the Education Program (Component IV), financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area for 2014-2021
Program operator: Foundation for the Development of the Education System

Project website


Games download here: https://grywszkole.com/


O partnerach:

Leading partner – Progresfera Teacher Training Center at AiA Doradztwo i Edukacja Psychologiczna Sp. z o.o. has been operating since 2011. Specialists from the center conduct trainings, workshops and conferences for teachers and students. The center has trained over 2,000 teachers, thanks to which it cooperates with numerous schools in Wielkopolska. It implements projects co-financed by the European Social Fund, among others: “The Teacher of the XXI Century”; “We educate for the future. Raising the level of knowledge and competences of students in the Primary School and Junior High School in Szelejewo ”.

Nord University is dedicated to the development of educational programs and research with an emphasis on education (among others). The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of Norway’s largest centers for education and research in its field. A key person involved in the project is Robin Isfold Munkvold, Associate Professor in Information Technology. Robin has been teaching and researching information technology, software development and digital games for 15 years. He has published many international articles on the subject and has been a project manager for games and science. Robin co-creates and develops a portal with educational games for schools, it is also part of the Center for Excellent IT-education management group.

Eduexpert has been implementing educational and training projects since 2010. The company has specialized in the production of high-quality digital educational materials. In recent years, the company has produced several hundred film materials, animations and digital content that meet the WCAG 2.0 standard, special content modules for people with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities. The company successfully implements projects financed from EU subsidies, Norwegian funds, and commissioned by the Ministry of National Education. The company’s team consists of content specialists, graphic designers, programmers, content editors and a wide group of people cooperating in the field of creating modern e-materials used by young people and adults.

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