Early school education

Project Method serie

A multimedia software fully adapted for the classroom.

  • Type of education:

    Early School Education

  • Field:

    Language, music, maths, science and social education

  • Category

    Multimedia program

    “Project Method in Early School Education” contains a description and methodological base for 12 projects for grades I-III, divided into 4 themes for each grade.

    The product contains 4 types of materials:

    1. Interactive boards containing various types of interactions (crosswords, quizzes, match pairs, etc.). 3 parts of the software include in total:
  • 12 topics - related to teaching resources,
  • 60 interactions - a variety of exercises to support learning and memorizing,
  • 36 educational videos - introducing in main topics,
  • 12 exercises to learn English.
2. Teaching resources - 3 parts of the software include in total:
  • 100 worksheets,
  • 100 lesson and game plans.

  • 3. The curriculum, including a description of methods of the child's observation according to their achieved skills, provided through the school curriculum,

    4. Evaluation of a student, which shows the improvement of a student in an educational environment, without the artificial isolation of the assessment process.

    About product

    "Project Method" is a three-part multimedia software fully adapted to classrooms - including working with an interactive board.

    Through various exercises and interactions, as well as extensive teaching resources, the software allows users to freely navigate the school curriculum in any prefered order. The design of the multimedia software and the teaching resources are equipt for working with students with special educational needs. Commands are read by a narrator, and the graphics are attractive and subdued, so solving exercises on an interactive whiteboard is effective and interesting for the whole class. Some of the tasks are prepared in English, so the students practice vocabulary and pronunciation.

    Using the program is intuitive. All elements are designed so as to facilitate the teacher's work. Active elements in the games are always at a height accessible to a child so they do not require help from the teacher. Graphics and interactions present realistic images - unrealistic animations are limited to a minimum. Commands tasks are textual and sound based.

    Part I
    The first part of "Project Method" introduces students to the topics related to their nearest environment. Students learn about the world of food and the vitamins it contains. Thanks to videos and interactions contained on the interactive boards children will gain knowledge on the effects of a healthy diet for their body. The second important subject raised in the first part of "Project Method" is family. What members of the family beyond blood relatives have in common? Students will gain answers to this and other pressing questions. Another theme of "Project Method" is fashion. How to dress? How has fashion changed over the decades? Students not only explore this interesting issue, but also will practice the English language and vocabulary relating to fashion. The last, fourth theme on the first part of "Project Method" is theater. Who are the actors, what do they do and how do they prepare for their roles? How to behave at the theater? Interactive boards, containing interesting interviews with actors combined with interactions and worksheets which will introduce students to the magical world of the theater.

    Part II
    In the second part of "Project Method", students continue an interactive journey through the selected thematic areas. We will go to the world of the forest and forest animals. Students learn more about the functions of the forest and through interaction and worksheets, they will learn how to properly protect the animals and plants as well as their habitats. The following topics topics introduce recycling and the elements which help focus the child's attention to the outside world. The aim is not only to inspire and encourage children to explore the world through videos and interactions, but also to build a sense of responsibility among children for their own environment. The fourth theme of this part is learning. The potential of the human brain is great, and only depends on us and how much we train our brain cells - these and many other curiosities students will learn through videos and exercises included in the multimedia program. Students will improve a thematic vocabulary in English and its pronunciation.

    Part III
    The third part of "Project Method" is the continuation of a journey through another 4 exciting thematic areas. This time, the students will explore the inspiring world of illusion. The videos will present what an optical illusion is and what a proffessional illusionist does. Geography is another interesting topic introduced. Students learn which languages ​​are used by the people around the world, and what their habits/traditions and culture consists of. Videos, interactions and worksheet exercises in the worksheets will help students understand cultural difference and inspire them to travel around Poland, eventually the rest of the world ... leading them to look up to the stars - because space is the next topic in our multimedia program. We introduce students to Nicholas Copernicus' achievements and his contributions to science. Exercises and interactions will help to consolidate and systematize knowledge which is literally out of this world. The last topic of "Project Method" software is transport. Students learn characteristics of different transportation and how to say their names in English. Students will consolidate their knowledge through interactions in the multimedia program and worksheets as easy as riding a bike.


    Special features



    "Project Method" introduces English to classes through exercises and interactions.

    dowolnosc urzadzenia


    The software is dedicated to interactive whiteboards, also will perfectly work on a computer or a tablet.

    rozne warunki


    - at home, at school, during school trips.

    online i offline


    "Project Method" works online and offline - download program to an USB device or directly to a computer and use it without the Internet connection.



    - we guarantee product updates so the users have access to the latest version of the software

    edukacja włączająca


    The software allows work with students with special educational needs



    The product is intuitive and user-friendly for the teacher. Simple use without any user manual.

    utrwalanie wiedzy


    The programs include videos and interactions which helps to gain knowledge.

    Each one of the 3 parts of the program contains:

    • license key - online and offline version (for downloading to the USB device or your computer),
    • product licence for the whole school for a year,
    • USB device for downloading the offline version,
    • "Project Method" guide,
    • Evaluation of students,
    • Teachers' room sticker with login and password,


      • game plans,
      • lesson plans,
      • worksheets for use at school and at home.
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