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E-resources in the area of agriculture and forest with environmental protection 2017 - 2018

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund

E-resources in the area of agriculture and forest with environmental protection in two groups of professions, the forestry-gardening and agro-breeding

The project is implemented within the Priority axis: II. Effective public policies for the labor market, economy and education, under Action: 2.15 Vocational education and training adapted to the needs of a changing economy. The aim of the project is to develop 10 multimedia materials (e-resources) in the period from 01/02/2017 to 31/10/2018 in the field of agriculture and forest with environmental protection in two groups of professions: forest-gardening and agro-breeding. As a part of 10 e-resources, 68 e-modules in English will be developed.

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I choose consciously – innovative tools to build a career path 01.09.2016 -31.08.2018

Co-funded under the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union

Youth need knowledge that will allow them to take the appropriate decisions for further education, will prepare young people to develop key competences, identify their needs, skills and opportunities offered by the modern education system, will help with developing the ability to recognize personal resources and use them to build their own educational and professional path. The involvement of international partners from the UK and Italy will develop products that will be useful for customers regardless of their place of residence, which at today's educational and professional mobility is of paramount importance.

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Culture, history, traditions: in search of common values 2016

The project financed by the Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange

Against the background of cultural knowledge of the participants will pursue the process of non-formal education. The project involves the development of electronic publication of the Polish-Ukrainian border in the form of interactive games developed essentially by the youth of the two countries of combining history, tradition and culture of Polish and Ukrainian.

Through the use of various methods of work tj.gry, fun, integration workshops, animations language, simulation games, young people discover their common history, roots, learn how to build a good relationship with you, which will become the basis for creating electronic publication. Preparing materials for electronic publication will activate youth and will plan activities aimed at generating interesting initiatives for the environment. Working and playing at the same time in international teams stimulate their ingenuity and creativity, which will result in electronic publication concerning common roots, history and building a modern relationship.

The project activities will be activated, youth areas and disadvantaged economically and socially.

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Multimedia for early schools education “Maths in use” 2016

"Maths in Use" is a three-part multimedia educational product for primary schools, designed for learning mathematics and science in early childhood education. It includes a package of exercises, interactions, games and videos for fast and effective use during the school day. The program consists of three parts, corresponding to the thematic scope of grades 1-3 - the whole software is adapted to the school curriculum, and allows you to work with pupils with special educational needs.

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Multimedia for early schools education “Project Method” 2016

“Project method in early school education” contains a description and methodological base for 12 projects for grades I-III, divided into 4 themes for each grade.

Through various exercises and interactions, as well as extensive teaching resources, the software allows users to freely navigate the school curriculum in any prefered order. The design of the multimedia software and the teaching resources are equipt for working with students with special educational needs.

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